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Denis Schluppeck

Associate Professor, School of Psychology, University of Nottingham

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The aim of my research is to understand how we use our senses of vision and touch to gather information about the world and how we use that information to make decisions that are critical for our personal survival and well-being. In the visual domain, I study how humans perceive the colour, form, and motion of visual objects and make decisions based on those perceptions.

In the somatosensory system, I am particularly interested how the sensory sheet of the body surface is topographically mapped onto cortical (and subcortical) areas and how other basic stimulus properties are encoded in the brain.

I use a combination of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), psychophysics, and computational modeling. Most recently, I have conducted MRI experiments at very high field (7 T) in collaboration with colleagues at the Sir Peter Mansfield MR Centre at the University to explore the use of functional and anatomical imaging at very high spatial resolution.


In addition to my undergraduate teaching in cognitive neuroscience, I am also the director of the MSc Cognitive Neuroscience (formerly MSc Brain Imaging) and teach on several of its modules, including Functional Imaging Methods, Experimental Design, Programming with Matlab, and Data Analysis for Neuroimaging [on github].

Once a year, I also run a popular, 3-day residential Matlab for Psychology and Neuroscience course to get people started with computer programming (and applying Matlab in their research).

Media & Engagement

In the summer of 2016, I spent a fascinating month as a British Science Association Media Fellow with with Clive Cookson at the Financial Times at the Science & Environment desk.

You can find out more about my experience and the media fellowships in this blog post and this video.


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